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Siberian Blue Quartz Star of David Chain Pendant

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Star of David

Balance & Protection

The Star of David is a versatile Lightworker's power tool that serves as a receiver, amplifier, and transmitter of Universal Life Force energies which can strengthen the bearer's bio-field or aura. This particular cut was developed by Marcel Vogel. (IBM’s leading research scientists and the founder of Psychic Research, Inc.) This is an excellent crystal to wear while meditating or facilitating concentration on higher chakras.

Star of David Male Side

Male Side
Upward Triangle

Star of David Female Side

Female Side
Downward Triangle

The Star of David is a symbol composed of two inverted triangles to create a star tetrahedron or “Merkaba Vehicle”. It is an ancient symbol of the higher Trinity and the lower Trinity coming together to create wholeness, balance, protection, and access to the Higher Self. The front male face transmits light energy and the back female face receives light energy. Wear the Star of David pendant next to your heart with the male side pointing out, away from your body. The female, receptive side of the crystal will pick up energy coming from the heart and will transmute that energy into a very high-frequency vibration. The male side of the crystal will radiate that high-frequency energy in all directions around you, enveloping you and filling your aura with the cleansing, healing energy. This strengthens your aura and also helps to protect you from unwanted or intrusive energies of all kinds from your environment.

Sacred Geometry Pendants

Tools for Lightworkers & Starseeds

This extraordinary pendant was designed to be an evolutionary tool for storing, amplifying, and transmitting subtle energies. Wearing stones that have been cut and faceted in accordance with the principles of sacred geometry can strengthen the aura and unlock the barrier to our Higher Mind which offers inner spiritual guidance to Unity Consciousness. The stone has been set within a sterling silver setting which allows it to breathe. We also provide an 18-inch sterling silver chain so that it will hang between the heart and the thymus where it will create the most beneficial resonance through the compassionate heart. The radiant design and energetic purpose of this necklace make it perfect for any outfit or situation.

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Siberian Blue Quartz

Siberian Blue Quartz can help to strengthen the connection between our Throat and Third Eye Chakra which helps to facilitate eloquent communication from an elevated perspective. When the Third Eye is fully activated, our communication infuses with the wisdom and love of our Higher Self. The elemental energy of this stone evokes psychic awakening, and it can be of assistance to those who wish to develop the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, prophecy, psychokinesis, mediumship, and interdimensional communication. Because of this, it is said to also provide the wearer with increased access to the Akashic Records, our Universal Storehouse of Knowledge.

Necklace Sizing

Necklace Sizing Voltlin Jewelry Crystals & Gemstones

*Illustration provided for approximate sizing


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    Happy Customer

    This is an amazing pendant, so much more than one can imagine. The color, and the energy is splendid. Very happy.

    Raymond M.
    Blue Star of David Pendant

    I purchased the siberian blue stone after reading the properties. I felt like I needed a boost in my comminication and intution, and the power of combining both makes this perfect for me. I also love that you can use it to heal yourself or others like explained in the description card I received. Overall amazing purchase and store, will be back!

    Guadalupe W.
    United States

    Good protective packaging and fast shipping. Enjoyed purchasing from this store!

    Bryant H.
    United States
    Worth every penny.

    Absolutely beautiful. Received item quickly and packaged beautifully. So happy I pick this as my birthday present from my friend. Would definitly purchased from this vendor again. Thank you for all your help!!

    Hailey B.
    United Kingdom
    Awesome Vogel Siberian Blue Quartz Star Of David Pendant


    Jill L.
    GB GB
    Very pretty and sparkly

    Absolutely stunning vogel piece! With an epic rainbow! Exactly what I was after, thankyou!

    Iyana W.
    United States
    Genuine Marcel Vogel Cut

    Siberian blue quartz is of my favorite stones after reading about it's metaphysical properties. The Vogel cut just makes this pendant even more rare and special. What a gem he was, I read his book. Thank YOU!!!

    Kash S.
    United States
    Excellent Tool to Bring About Spiritual Evolution

    Siberian Blue Quartz is a shamanic healing crystal that clears and activates the throat and third eye chakras which makes it great for psychic intuitiveness and abilities. This pendant is very beautiful and useful for my spiritual work.

    Rachael H.
    United States