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Green Goldstone

Healing Properties, Meaning, Uses, & More!

Green Goldstone

Green Goldstone is a man-made glass that has been infused with reflective particles from chromium oxides rather than the elemental metal. It was invented by the Miotti family in Venice during the seventeenth century and because glass is made from Quartz sand (Silica), Goldstone has found its way into the healing community. Green Goldstone is said to be a calming crystal and is especially good for emotional healing. The copper contained in Goldstone makes a good deflector of unwanted energies and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral. It restores and balances energy, bringing abundance and prosperity due to the combination of its gorgeous green color and reflective shimmer. Wear this gorgeous stone to bring about ambition, confidence, courage, focus, insight, and positivity.

Spiritually, Green Goldstone enhances psychic abilities, psychic communication, and provides spiritual protection. Metaphysical healing lore says that its is very effective for physical healing, especially for pain and inflammation. It is a nervous system stimulant and enhances the transmission of healing energies from the hands; therefore it applies to long-distance healing. It is good for arthritis, bone disorders, circulatory issues, headaches, heart, inflammation, joint pain, nervous system regeneration, and healing.

Affirmation: "I am emotionally healthy."
Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Sagittarius, Taurus
Planet: Jupiter
Number: 7
Source: India
Hardness: 5.5 Mohs
System: Amorphous Crystal System
Composition: SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide with Copper/Cobalt/Manganese/Chromium Inclusions
Beneficial For: Arthritis, Bone Disorders and Health, Circulatory Problems, Energy Balancing or Restoring, Headache and Migraine Relief, Heart, Inflammation, Joint Pain and Health, Nervous System Regeneration and Healing, Pain Relief, Abundance and Prosperity, Ambition, Calming, Courage, Focus, Insight, Positivity, Optimism, Promotes Confidence, Enhancing Psychic Abilities, Psychic Communication, Spiritual Protection