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What Crystals Are Safe for Gem-Water?

Crystal Water

For thousands of years, people have believed the energetic properties of crystals and gemstones could be used to facilitate healing. Ancient Greeks used to drop their gemstones in the bottom of their water jugs to infuse pure water with the vibrations of the crystals. They would then drink the water, which was believed to promote healing and wellness.

When making your own crystal or gem elixir, it’s of utmost importance to make sure you don’t accidentally ingest anything that’s bad for you. Although crystals have so much love and light to bring to us, they also can sometimes contain trace elements that can be toxic or even radioactive to humans. Check out the list below to help you learn which gems are potentially dangerous. Always check to be sure that the stones used in your gem water are non-toxic. 

Safe In Water, Crystals that are safe for gem water

Water Safe Crystals

These crystals are safe to put directly into water.

Not Safe In Water, Crystals that are not safe for gem water elixirs, voltlin
NOT Water Safe Crystals

These crystals are NOT safe to put directly into water. 

If you are unsure, gem water elixirs can be prepared using the indirect method. In this method, stones are placed inside a small glass container (containing no water). This way, the stones do not make direct contact with the water, but their energetic vibration is allowed to be transmitted through the conductive glass container into the water. Since the stones do not directly contact the water, it is safe to be used for an essence or elixir (except for radioactive stones!) Please note that radioactive stones should NEVER be used in the preparation of elixirs, not even by the indirect method! 

  • Amazonite - Contains copper
  • Aquamarine - Contains aluminum
  • Azurite - Contains copper
  • Aquamarine - Contains aluminum
  • Morganite - Contains aluminum
  • Black Tourmaline - Contains aluminum
  • Celestite - Contains strontium
  • Chalcopyrite - Contains copper and sulphur
  • Chrysocolla - Contains copper
  • Cinnabar - Contians mercury
  • Copper - Can be poisonous depending on quantity
  • Covellite - Contains copper and sulphur
  • Cuprite - Contains copper
  • Dioptase - Contains copper
  • Dumortierite - Contains aluminum
  • Emerald - Contains aluminum
  • Fluorite - Contains fluorine
  • Garnet - Contains aluminum
  • Heliodor - Contains aluminum
  • Iolite - Contains aluminum
  • Kunzite - Contains aluminum
  • Labradorite - Contains aluminum
  • Lapis Lazuli - Contains pyrite
  • Lepidolite - Contains aluminum
  • Malachite - Contains copper
  • Moldavite - Contains aluminum oxide
  • Moonstone - Contains aluminum
  • Prehnite - Contains aluminum
  • Psiomelan - Contains barium
  • Pyrite - Contains sulphur
  • Ruby - Contains aluminum
  • Sapphire -Contains aluminum
  • Selenite - Although not toxic, friable; tiny shards may break off in water
  • Serpentine - Fibrous form contains asbestos
  • Smithsonite - May contain copper
  • Sodalite - Contains aluminum
  • Spinel - Contains aluminum
  • Sugilite - Contains aluminum
  • Sulfur - Poisonous
  • Sunstone - Contains aluminum
  • Tanzanite - Contains aluminum
  • Topaz - Contains aluminum
  • Tourmaline - Contains aluminum
  • Turquoise - Contains copper and aluminum
  • Zircon - Contains zirconium, radioactive

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