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Healing Properties, Meaning, Uses, & More!


Dumortierite is said to help to remove blockages in one’s energy fields and chakras to create a clear channel for higher dimensional communication. By opening and activating the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, metaphysical healers believe it enhances intellectual thought and amplifies psychic abilities. This is what makes Dumortierite excellent for challenging information and guidance for one’s highest good. It is highly useful for anyone who is studying, as it assists the retention of information, as well as enhancing your willpower, and capacity for self-mastery. The pineal gland, located behind the middle of the forehead, is linked to the Third Eye Chakra. It is in this area of the brain where psychic ability is channeled and can be highly stimulated by the use of this stone. It may also bring up past life visions, making it great for healing past life regression and allowing one insight into past lives, bringing a deeper understanding of one’s journey in this lifetime.

Dumortierite is a stone of support, as it helps with those who may feel less than confident in thought and idea. It brings a feeling of relaxation, calm, and harmony, and can be used to reduce stress-related conditions like headaches and tension. Your stamina will increase, and the stone can help make unpleasant, monotonous tasks easier to bear. This dark blue stone provides strength and support when dealing with conditions of dis-ease. Its soothing vibrations remind you to have patience with the natural order of the Universe. This action can help one to remain in a state of allowing, accepting that the process of manifestation may work more slowly at times. Dumortierite also promotes an understanding of karma and forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness.

Affirmation: "I attract peaceful thoughtful people into my life; I am prosperous and successful."
Chakra: Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac: Leo
Planet: Saturn
Number: 4
Source: USA, Brazil, Canada, Poland, France, Sri Lanka, Namibia
Hardness: 7 Mohs
System: Orthorhombic Crystal System
Composition: AlAl6O3BSi3O18 - Aluminum Borosilicate Hydroxide
Beneficial For: Clairaudience; self-confidence; organization; stage fright; shyness; stress; phobias; insomnia; panic; fear; depression; over excitability; detachment; patience; self-discipline; mental clarity; sunburns; stubbornness; hypersensitivity; epilepsy; headaches; nausea; vomiting; cramping; colic; diarrhea; palpitations; relaxation; self-forgiveness