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Leo Zodiac Sign

Their Symbol, Dates, Crystals, Compatibility, & More!

Leo Zodiac Sign

 Dates:  July 23 – August 22

 Day:  Sunday

 Color:  Gold, Yellow, Orange

 Element:  Fire

Ruler:  Sun

Lucky Numbers:  1, 3, 10, 19

Most compatible with:  Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Leo (July 23 – August 22) is the fifth sign of the zodiac, represented by the Lion. It is a Fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Those born under this sign are typically warm, charismatic, hard-working personalities. They are driven towards leadership and thrive on being in charge; no one works being the “center of attention” better than the Lion. However, these big personalities must avoid being too controlling, as they may come off as vain or egotistical. In the end, these proud folks can be depended on as standout defenders and leaders among the zodiac.

Crystals For Leo

Carnelian Crystal & Gemstone Properties Leo Zodiac Voltlin

Carnelian is a stone for July and a Leo gemstone. It’s one of the best stones for confidence, making it a great choice if you sometimes doubt your abilities. As a Stone of Creativity, Carnelian also has a strong energy that boosts self-expression. It’s a potent stone for stimulating your creative talents and for encouraging you to follow your passions. Additionally, this stone heals the lower Chakras, which can reduce feelings of jealousy or resentment. This will help you to be the life and soul of the party, while remaining caring of others.

Citrine Crystal & Gemstone Properties Leo Zodiac Voltlin

Citrine is an energy-boosting Leo ascendant stone. It increases joy in your life and instils a positive attitude - even when you feel insecure. When Leo’s face criticism, they can become over-sensitive. This stone will raise your self-confidence and teach you to accept constructive criticism. With your usual good humour and kind-heartedness, you’ll then be able to put this experience to good use. Also, if you feel sluggish or lazy, your Solar Plexus may be blocked. Sunny citrine is a powerful crystal for re-energising this Energy Centre and helping you to feel motivated.

Rhodochrosite Crystal & Gemstone Properties Leo Zodiac Voltlin

Rhodochrosite is a powerful Leo stone for letting go of traumatic experiences, whether they are from your childhood or recent events. Its heart-centered energy heals emotional hurts and memories, plus it has a nurturing quality that provides emotional support. Rhodochrosite also has a frequency that resonates with The Inner Child. This attribute, along with being a Stone of Joy, makes Rhodochrosite one of the best crystals for restoring a sense of playfulness as you forgive yourself for past issues.

Black Onyx Crystal & Gemstone Properties Leo Zodiac Voltlin

Black Onyx is a traditional birthstone and ascendant for Leo. It calms excessive energy and helps to keep a lively personality under self-control. As a stone for the Root Chakra, Black Onyx’s grounding and protective energy helps Leos to overcome self-doubt. It absorbs Universal energy, which brings balance to the yin-yang energy. This will give you increased concentration and focus, so you can align your attention to achieving your goal. Black Onyx also repels other people's negative influences and helps to create harmonious relationships.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths – Leo is confident and full of vigor and energy. This can make them successful in everything they set out to do. These qualities can be contagious to those around them, and this results in a lot of creative energy and possibilities opening up in front of all those who enjoy their presence. Determined and loyal, Leos will make good friends, and their warmth and childish nature will be a real joy to be around most of the time. They know what respect means and won’t ever willingly jeopardize someone’s personal progress, no matter how hard the road gets.

Weaknesses – If a Leo gets too detached from their emotional side, they can become extremely annoying. Separated from their heart, they become separated from compassion, too demanding, and fully unaware of their own responsibilities, while closed for constructive criticism. Impulsive and set in their ways, these individuals can get difficult when they think they are right, even to the point of conflict that has no resolution. In general, this will rarely be shown, and even though their temper sometimes spins out of control, they are warm enough and aware enough not to endanger things that are truly important to them. When turned to negative things in life, some of more tired and weaker Leos easily become drama queens, but this never decreases the love they feel for people they are close to.

Leo In Relationships

As a fiery representative of fixed quality, Leo is stable and reliable in most cases when it comes to interpersonal relationships. They can be counted on for practical issues, and they will always give a helping hand if you need it, in their own way. However, they can be too rigid with their walls built too high, and sometimes turn to dominance instead of compassion, just to avoid closeness and the hurt they fear simply for not knowing how to cope. They might understand other people’s deeds, the way in which to rule, or their own mind, but they rarely understand matters of the heart enough to slow down, take a breath and stop being to proud to cry.

As partners – The main strength of every Leo parent lies in the respect they have for their partner and their child. This is something they teach very well and have the ability to build a strong ego in their kids when they aren’t too pushy and controlling. Warm and childish, with a huge heart, these mothers and fathers will become friends with authority in no time, but only if their emotional world is clean enough to make room for sensitive sides of their children. Leo is a parent with integrity and helps their child realize that nothing is impossible, with the ability to make them understand that they can succeed in whatever they want to flourish in.

As children – Leo will express their dissatisfaction and excitements with ease. This can be annoying as much as it can be dear, and they need a lot of support to learn how to name all of their fiery emotions, and show them appropriately and calmly to other people. In general, the most important thing a young Leo has to learn, is to give others freedom to be different and incredible the way they are. With all that respect they have for others, they still have trouble understanding that anything else even exists outside of their enormous, shiny world of possibility.

Love And Intimacy

To build a relationship with quality, a Leo will use the special tool of honesty. Their clear way of thinking and an understanding of their own desires and goals can greatly improve their romantic and sex life. However, representatives of this sign aren’t always aware of this, bringing Neptune to its fall, and they sometimes get entangled in dishonesty with their partners, making their mission to find true love difficult and seemingly impossible. The important thing they need to remember is that every lie they say is an attempt to hide the truth from themselves, and they will be back on the right track in no time.

While Leo can be demanding and find it difficult to realize what lies on “the other side”, they are warm, cuddly and passionate, always ready to create something new and incredible, and fight for their loved ones. These individuals will love being a hero, and they will often choose their partner to be someone who needs to be saved. Energetic and highly aware, they can become great lovers if they understand the beauty of satisfying their partner.

Leo Career

With so much energy, a Leo always strives for greatness. Whether or not they will succeed depends mostly on their upbringing and the ability of their parents to teach them how to take responsibility, focus their energy, and remain calm in a time of need. In general, they are natural born leaders and will fully grasp the importance of respect in their professional relationships. If they have the same respect for those above them on the success scale, as for those below, they will have a chance to move very far and be loved by everyone they work for, and who works for them. The need they have to live a fine life and spend money on things they are passionate about, will often push them beyond their limits. To balance their entire professional experience, they need enough rest to give the best possible results.

Understanding Your Leo

The sign of Leo can become very lonely, for they sometimes lack the ability to understand the importance of the rest of humanity in their lives. If they lack gratitude for what they own, dissatisfaction will lead to the manifestation of negative traits stated above. What they need is compassion and someone to be close to, in order to deal with emotional issues just like they would deal with practical ones. Their core is warm but fragile, and although their personality is strong, their heart is as sensitive as anyone else’s. The next time you approach your Leo, imagine their soft side, what they hide behind their confident act, and you will see how their image changes and they become this beautiful creative being, that cannot find a way to express their true inner light.

Positive Leo Traits

Warm as an individual guided by the light of the Sun itself, a Leo is always passionate and warm, to their benefit or loss. This passion they carry inside will make them straightforward and brave, often raising the quality of life for many people they cherish.

Loyal simply because they can’t see a reason not to be. If a Leo ever ends up in a mess of dishonesty, their entire life will lose much of its potential and quality, and once they realize this, they will remain true to themselves and those around them, every step of the way.

Energetic as if their mission in life is to fill up everyone else’s batteries. They become incredible teachers when they learn that there is nothing that cannot be done. Even though they don’t always push things in the best possible direction, they are still incredibly strong and they will make everyone around them feel powerful and capable.

Negative Leo Traits

Dominating simply because their nature of a leader takes over even when it is not required, necessary, or wanted at all. The feel of the atmosphere surrounding them will help this tendency greatly, as they learn that what they think has to be done, maybe doesn’t have to be done at all.

Arrogant as they tend to see their own view as the only one that matters. A Leo has to work on their ability to value other people’s opinions. This isn’t so much a matter of respect as a matter of togetherness and teamwork.

Impatient as a follower trait of domineering. Once they decide on things that have to be done, they will want them done right away, and their deep positive understanding of the fact that there is nothing that cannot be done can become a problem when assessing what other people are prepared to do.