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Healing Properties, Meaning, Uses, & More!


Unakite is a stone of gentle, but powerful energy. First, it heals the emotional self. Then, it balances the emotional self with the spiritual and mental self. It does this by clearing away emotional energy blockages from past hidden emotions, which aids physical and emotional healing. This triggers the experience of self-growth with new confidence to encourage one to live in the present and allows them to become more centered. Unakite has this calm energy that encourages self-love. It helps one to see the beauty behind their flaws, along with the flaws of others. This allows for one to openly radiate love, which then attracts love from others. 

A stone of vision, Unakite can open and activate the Third Eye Chakra to receive spiritual insights from higher realms. Unakite searches for truth in all things and helps to find and identify the underlying causes, regardless of which plane they exist in. It brings the subconscious mind to remember the importance of perfect health. Unakite is an altered Granite consisting primarily of pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Clear Quartz, and Green Epidote. 

Affirmation: “I am here to flourish and grow.”
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Higher Heart, Stimulates Third Eye
Zodiac: Scorpio, Gemini, Libra
Planet: Mars, Venus
Number: 9
Source: Brazil, China, South Africa
Hardness: 6 - 7 Mohs
System: Monoclinic Crystal System
Composition: KAlSi3O8 - Pink Orthoclase Feldspar, Potassium Aluminum Silicate, Green Epidote & Ca2(Al,Fe)3(SiO4)3(OH) - Calcium Aluminum Iron Sili
Beneficial For: Emotional Healing, Motivation, Activates Will, Heart Chakra, Increases and Enhances Intuition, Meditation, Past Life Recall