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The Heart Chakra

Its Colors, Symbols, Meanings, Glands, & More!

The 4th Chakra – Heart Chakra – Anahata – यँ

The 4th Chakra – Heart Chakra – Anahata – यँ

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata chakra, translates to “unhurt.” This is considered the fourth chakra, located at the heart. Its color correspondences are green and pink. The Heart Chakra is where your love, compassion, and kindness are empowered. This is the chakra to focus on if you are feeling closed off, cold, and lacking kindness towards yourself and/or others. And if you tend to smother people with your affection, your Heart Chakra may be overactive. This chakra influences the thymus, heart, and lungs.

  • Color: Green and Pink
  • Location: Center of chest
  • Mantra: "When I love myself, loving others comes easily."
  • Element: Air
  • Gland: Thymus
  • Sound: Yam
  • Musical Note: F
  • Gemstones: Any green or light pink colored stones (e.g. Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Jade, Malachite, and Emerald)
  • Essential Oils: Rose, Jasmine, Cacao, Cardamom, Palmarosa, Bergamot, Black Spruce
  • Herbs: Cayenne, Hawthorn berries, Jasmine, Lavender, Marjoram, Rose, Thyme, Cilantro, Parsley
  • Physical Body: Heart, Lungs, Ribs, Cardiovascular system, Pulmonary system
  • Emotional Body: Compassion, Love, Self-love, Joy, Forgiveness
  • Spiritual Body: This is the center from which we integrate our earthly needs (connected with the lower three chakras) with our spiritual endeavors (connected to the upper 3 chakras). It is with an open heart that we are able to connect with a higher power.

Crystals & Gemstones for your Heart Chakra

Crystals & Gemstones for the Heart Chakra

Your Heart Chakra responds readily to stones that are pink or green. Place them around the bathroom while you’re taking a bath or under your bed, so they can heal your heart while you sleep. Notice which crystals you’re intuitively drawn to from the list below and click learn more about them or shop from our selection of products. Here are the best stones for the Heart Chakra:

Rose QuartzCrystal & Gemstone Properties
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, the crystal for unconditional love, is said to be the most important stone for healing the heart chakra. It has a beautiful feminine energy that resonates with both the heart chakra and the Higher Heart Chakra (also known as Thymus Chakra). Like many of the stones on this list, Rose Quartz can help deepen any relationship while purifying the heart.

Green Aventurine Crystal & Gemstone Properties
Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a lovely stone for promoting harmony. Its soft energy smooths friction or negativity in a relationship, while highlighting and releasing unhealthy patterns and bringing new opportunities. As Aventurine is strongly linked to nature, it’s a strong protector of the Heart Chakra. Use it for a sense of well-being, increased focus and stabilizing of emotions – or for romantic luck later in life.

Jade Crystal & Gemstone Properties

Green Jade is the most common color of the Jade ‘family.’ Imbued with purity and serenity, this crystal is great for increasing love, wisdom and cherishing to the wearer. Aside from improving relationships, Jade has been used as a stone of protection by many cultures. It also brings luck to friendships and has the power to enhance your dreams.

Malachite Crystal & Gemstone Properties

Malachite has a vibrant green energy and is one of the most powerful stones for the heart chakra. It absorbs negative energies and helps eliminate destructive thought patterns and behaviors. Being a stone of transformation, its powerful energies will ease heartache and encourage letting go and moving on. It also has a lovely stabilizing energy that brings loyalty to relationships.

Chakra Assessment

Heart Chakra Assessment

Do you have a Heart Chakra blockage? The Heart Chakra is all about love. So of course this includes your romantic relationships and dynamics with the people dear to your heart. But most importantly, we need to consider self-love when healing the Heart Chakra.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if your Heart Chakra is open or not: 

  • "Am I grieving the lost of a loved one or end of a relationship?"
  • "Do I have unreleased guilt?"
  • "What heartaches need to be healed?"
  • "Whom do I need to forgive?"
  • "Do I forgive easily or hold onto resentment?"
  • "Am I guarded with my heart to avoid getting hurt?"
  • "Do I have a feeling of inner peace?"

Signs of a Blocked or Unbalanced Heart Chakra

Signs of an Unbalanced Heart Chakra

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may have an imbalance in the Heart Chakra:

  • Emotionally guarded
  • Sad
  • Guilt
  • Resentment
  • Judgmental
  • Difficulty forgiving
  • Shame

Signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra

Signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra

When your Heart Chakra is in balance, you will feel:

  • Compassionate
  • Loving
  • Accepting
  • Peaceful
  • Willing to forgive
  • Joyful

How Do You Open/Clear/Unblock Your Chakras?

How to Heal, Unblock, & Open Your Heart Chakra

You deserve a peaceful heart and a life full of love. Let’s discuss how to bring healing to your heart with these Heart Chakra healing exercises. 

Focus on Forgiveness

It’s totally normal to have emotional triggers. Can you think of a person or situation that still upsets you, even if the incident is far in the past?

When you hold onto anger, grief, victimization it hurts you on every level of your being. Forgiveness just means you’re exchanging your pain for inner peace. It has nothing to do with anyone else, and no one else even has to know. Forgiveness is personal work that you do for your own wellness.

Practice Self Love

How’s your inner monologue, your self-talk? Are you kind to yourself or harsh and judgmental? We’re usually harder on ourselves than we’d ever dare be to anyone else! 

If you’re holding onto guilt or shame, take this as a sign to let yourself off the hook. Shame is the most toxic emotion you can have. It holds a very low vibration, so it can make you physically ill when it goes unaddressed. Whatever you’re punishing yourself for, I promise that you’re being too hard on yourself. It’s time to forgive yourself, so you can move forward on your healing journey. 

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are another method of balancing a specific chakra. Repeating affirmations directs healing energy to restore balance to that aspect of your body, and your life. These powerful statements rewrite the patterns in our subconscious minds and direct healing vibrations to the chakra. If your Heart Chakra is out of balance, repeat these affirmations:

  • "I love and accept myself."
  • "My heart is healing every day."
  • "I deserve peace."
  • "Love finds me wherever I go."
  • "I embrace joy."
  • "I forgive myself."
  • "The past is over, and I release it."

What is a Chakra? Symbols


If you’re being guided to work on your Heart Chakra, it’s a call to be more gentle with yourself. Make time for your favorite self-care rituals and act from a place of love.

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