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Black Obsidian

Healing Properties, Meaning, Uses, & More!

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an opaque volcanic glass and is sometimes referred to as the “Wizard Stone” because it has been used in magical practices since ancient times. It is used as a protective stone, often worn to guard against negativity, demanding people, hostile entities, and geopathic stress. It is said to ease tension, especially in the home, and can shield against electromagnetic fields. Use Black Obsidian during meditation to find a creative way through problems. It helps develop intuition and can ground you to the earth, releasing negative energies that result in restlessness, irritability, and nervousness.

Black Obsidian carries the inherent frequency of protection, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments, hooks, and cords, as well as eliminating negative energies within the self and one’s environment. This protective shield enables one to go back into past lives for healing and to work on ancestral and family lines. It is ideal for use in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders. Black Obsidian slabs, mirrors, and spheres are excellent gazing and scrying tools for meditation, divining insight into the future, inducing creativity, and communicating with souls who have passed over. It is an excellent talisman for self-control, reversing the previous misuse of power, and addressing power issues on all levels. Crystal practitioners also use this stone for detoxifying, alleviating bleeding, increasing blood circulation, and helping with the pain associated with arthritis and other joint discomforts.

Affirmation: “I gently release negative energy within and around me.”
AKA: Wizard Stone, Mirror Stone, Warrior of Truth
Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Aries, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio
Planet: Pluto
Number: 1
Source: Brazil, China, India, Mexico
Hardness: 5 - 5.5 Mohs
System: Amorphous Crystal System
Composition: SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide with Impurities
Beneficial For: Emotional Blockages, Reducing Stress or Tension, Grounding, Positive Vibrations and Energy, Psychic Attack, Psychic Protection, Arthritis, Blockage, Circulatory Problems, Detoxifying, Joint Pain and Health, Knee Health, Pain Relief, Physical Protection