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The Lion’s Gate Portal - Everything you Need to Know

We are in a time of accelerated awakening and consciousness evolution. August 2022 is a HUGE month for transformation, and in this article, we’re going to be sharing ways you can receive the MAXIMUM benefits by aligning with these powerful energy shifts.

Between the dates of July 26th and August 12th of this year, the Earth will be BATHING in powerful cosmic energy waves. These waves will accelerate and upgrade humanity’s collective consciousness. This cosmic shift is known as the LION’S GATEWAY. The Lion’s Gate is a cosmic alignment that occurs when the sun is in the sign of LEO, hence the reference to the Lion, which is the symbol of Leo.

During this cosmic alignment, the star SIRIUS, one of the brightest in the sky, aligns with Orion’s belt directly over the Pyramids of Giza. The pyramids were built FOR this cosmic alignment, and actually help the Earth CHARGE with the powerful spiritual energy of this cosmic alignment.

In Ancient Egypt, many mystics were strongly connected with the star Sirius, and could sense that spiritually activating energies flowed from it. Sirius was considered our “spiritual sun” because just as our actual SUN illuminates the physical world, SIRIUS, a star twice the size of the sun and 25 times brighter, was thought to illuminate the spirit world, acting as a revealer of divine wisdom and truth, and an ENTRYWAY into the heavenly dimensions.

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The Lion’s Gateway is thought to PEAK on the date of August 8th when the Sun is just past 15 degrees of Leo, which is the midpoint between the June Solstice and the September Equinox. This halfway mark thins the veil between the physical world and the spirit world, bringing in powerful downloads of psychic information.

The Lion’s Gateway is one of your most powerful times of the year for psychic awakening, communicating with high vibrational beings in the spirit world, and receiving powerful upgrades for the ascension of your consciousness. This is STRONG, TRANSFORMATIONAL energy that will guide you into major personal empowerment IF you align with it.

Now, this year, the Lion’s Gateway happens to coincide with something REMARKABLE. This Lion’s gate is occurring simultaneously with the Uranus North Node Conjunction, which began on July 31st, and will be strongly influencing the collective energy throughout August, setting the tone for the rest of the year. This is a triple conjunction between the planets Mars, Uranus, and the North Node, which is the northern point at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. The North Node represents humanity’s collective direction and purpose. Uranus represents transformation, and Mars represents what DRIVES us. This cosmic alignment is catalyzing QUANTUM LEAPS in our collective growth. It is pushing us as a collective to UPGRADE our relationship with Mother Earth, and transform the systems we use to support life on this planet.

This has the potential to bring forward rapid change, shocking truths, and phenomenal alignment with truth. This cosmic alignment hasn’t occurred in 2,000 years, and the shift is speeding our awakening, pushing us to REACH for a higher state of being, and MOVING out what is past. Specifically, as a human collective we are now facing our relationship with Mother Earth, and being driven to transcend the FEAR OF LACK. The fear of lack is the source of all toxic consumerism, environmental abuse, and societal power struggle.

We are being asked as a collective to awaken from this false illusion of lack, and REALIZE that in truth, we live in a universe of infinite abundance. As we shift from a consciousness of lack to a consciousness of abundance, we have the power to manifest a world in which there is enough support and supply to go around for all beings. There need never exist ANY power struggles, for we all have access to infinite power.

To enter into this consciousness, we are being asked to become powerful by empowering others. We are being invited to become rich by giving and sharing our resources freely. We are being welcomed into an awareness that ceases to FEAR the conditions of the world, and instead holds FAITH in the infinite flow of harmony and wellbeing. As we hold faith in the infinite flow of harmony and wellbeing, we CHANNEL IT, and shape the world in its image.

This Lion’s Gateway is an activation in which the seeds of that consciousness are being planted in you, in me, and in all who are willing to open their hearts and bring higher consciousness to this world.

Now, all of this is building up to the Full Supermoon on August 11th and 12th, when the Lion’s Gateway closes, and we shift from a period of RECEIVING that spiritual encoding of light, into a period of IMPLEMENTING it. This will be a period of nurturing those seeds and helping them to grow. After that, the next few months will move VERY quickly, and we’ll experience a crescendo of collective change around October.

This Lion’s Gate is your opportunity to call in the highest consciousness known to humankind— a consciousness often referred to as the Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, or Krishna Consciousness. This is basically the consciousness of love attained by the Ascended Masters who came before us.

We are undergoing a collective ascension into that consciousness of love, and if you are reading this, then know that you were guided here because you are a LEADER in this collective Ascension. Receive the golden light of love’s consciousness now. Take time to meditate. Tune in, and breathe it into your heart and spirit. Allow that divine light to pour in through your crown and third eye chakra, flood your psyche, and activate the ancient wisdom stored within your very DNA.

YOU are the light of the world.

YOU are the conduit of Heaven on Earth.

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